Philippine Health Breakthrough Program

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Philippine Health Breakthrough Program

The Philippine Health Breakthrough Program, a year-long initiative aimed at creating a healthier future for all Filipinos had its kick-off on March 28th to 30th, 2023 at the Shangri-La, The Fort Manila. The 3-day event was attended by key stakeholders from government, business, healthcare, and civil society.


About the initiative

The Philippine Health Breakthrough Program brings together leaders from business, government, and civil society to facilitate breakthroughs in thinking and action on how to enable greater health equality for the people of the Philippines.

The 2023 focus is on how these leaders can come together to enable healthy lifestyles and amplify availability and access to healthcare in the country.

Data  and Evidence
How do we enable good data-information management and evidence-based decision making?
Human Resources
How do we enable motivated talent equitably distributed across the country?
Affordable, Healthy Food
How do we enable access to and availability of affordable, healthy food across the nation?
Amplify Primary Healthcare
How do we enable primary healthcare and optimize the devolved health system to address the high burden of diseases?
An Equitable Supply Chain System
How do we enable a supply chain system (e.g. sourcing, production, distribution) for health that is equitable and effective across the nation?

Low-Cost & Affordable Models for Screening and Diagnostics
How do we implement transformative low-cost models of affordable healthcare services (preventive screening, diagnostics, early consultations, etc.) through technology?
The Financial Model
How can we optimise the financial model/s (insurance, investment, social health protection, etc.) for the greater population?

Inspiring Healthier Living
How do we inspire healthier living, mental health, healthier diets and awareness of rights in our society?


Getz Healthcare has partnered with Bridge Institute

BRIDGE was started by two undergraduates at the University of Cambridge in 1990. They were focused on the future leaders that they and their fellow undergraduates wanted to become. They also wanted to open their hearts and minds to sides of life that most Cambridge graduates hadn’t encountered. They asked their peers to get involved in changing the lives of children and young adults who were living on the edge of society. Over the years, these experiences have inspired many people to lead powerfully and courageously. Since then BRIDGE has continued to focus on helping transform leaders, businesses, civil society and governments to solve the pressing challenges of our time and become even stronger forces for good in the world.

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