About us

Who We Are

Our mission: Bringing meaningful healthcare solutions to the people of Asia Pacific.

We can trace our business roots in the Philippines back to 1918 and, historically, we have operated in a broad range of sectors including FMGC as well and Pharmaceutical and Healthcare.

In 2019, we refocused our business entirely on Healthcare with a Mission to Bring Meaningful Healthcare Solutions to the People of the Philippines. Aligned with this new focus we re-branded to Getz Healthcare (Philippines).

Whilst the Getz Healthcare brand is relatively new, we have a long history of local market experience that we can carry forward and have deep expertise in Medtech Marketing & Promotion and Pharmaceutical Sales Distribution. Furthermore, we have access to a wider range of resources and expertise from the global Getz Healthcare team, which operates across 8 other countries in Asia Pacific.

Distribution Offices

Our warehousing, logistics, demand planning and customer service capabilities are designed to support the products we carry and ensure we deliver excellent service to our partners and customers.

We have four distribution centers in the country:

  • Taguig
  • Iloilo
  • Cebu
  • Davao


Ian Grist
General Manager

Ian Grist is a seasoned and tech-savvy executive with over 25 years leadership experience across a broad range of industry sectors, geographies and cultures.

Born in the United Kingdom, Ian graduated from Kings College, University of London with a Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Physics and Computing with Honours.

Ian has been based in the Philippines for over a decade from where he had had success leading a range of regional and local businesses.